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desperately seeking advice: Pitt Info Science


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I'm cross-posting this in a few of the forums because I wasn't able to find a category about Information Science schools and I am very curious about Pitt. Some background...I did my masters in information science at CMU a few years ago but I really want to do a PhD in information science. I would like to return to Pittsburgh but I know my chances of getting in to CMU's program are low because I don't have much research experience (mostly professional) and most of the profs at CMU want more of a research background after I talked to their admissions people.


I'm also looking into Rutgers and Drexel's programs and I've been reading about Pitt because of my love of the city.


BUT when I visited the campus...talk about underwhelming. I visited during "walk in" hours and there was no one available to talk to. I emailed several profs before visiting to ask if they would be willing to meet to at least tell me if I have a shot at getting into the program. Only one emailed back and said to just apply and they don't visit with applicants! This is in major contrast to the experience I had with Rutgers and Drexel where I attended info sessions, a webinar and met with faculty and staff about the PhD.


Before my visit to Pitt I was excited to apply and hopeful I might get in (there are a few profs in IS I want to work with). After visiting and reading more on the web I'm not so sure. I have family in Pittsburgh and really miss the city but if it's a bad program with uninterested people I don't want to make a choice I regret for the next 5 years. Most of the reviews I could find were about masters programs (including the M.L.I.S.) and they were very unfavorable.


Does anyone have any experience with Pitt at the PhD level? Or at least about the IS school in general? The deadline is one month away and I'm still on the fence.

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