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What does an Ed.D thesis entail? I heard most people cannot complete?


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I am considering applying for an Ed.D (probably in leadership) but am a bit weary of the thesis. I have the time and money to complete a degree, but find academic writing and research very difficult and daunting (part of the reason I am not applying to PhD). This could be due to learning disabilities which make being a student very challenging for me (this however, did not stop me from graduating from prestigious bachelors and masters programs- I simply went part time and struggled through). I want the job opportunities an Ed.D can offer, but am not confident about my ability to complete a thesis. I am now making the decision if I should do another masters instead of an Ed. D for this reason. I have heard that 2/3 of people who start their doctorate degree never finish because they cannot complete their thesis. The validity to that claim is unknown.


My understanding of a thesis is the following:

-a narrow topic needs to be chosen

-a vast amount of relevant literature needs to be examined and put into a lengthy literature review

-Experiments or projects are set up to prove your thesis. 

-You write a dissertation which can be anywhere from 50-350 pages (depending on program) which incorporates literature reviews and your experiment/project/narrow topic of study 

-You then need to defend your thesis to your professors, and maybe make possible changes 


Am I getting this right? How many hours would you say are typically associated with a thesis/dissertation in an Ed.D program? Obviously, requirements vary per program. I am just trying to assess the weight of the thesis and whether I would be able to complete it given my learning disabilities. 


I have found 2 Ed.D's that do not require thesis, but a capstone project which would be much easier for me- but they are in areas of the country I cannot relocate. Any information you could give would be very helpful. Thank you so much. 

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