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Research topics ideas on Wind Turbine (Computational)


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Hi guys,


I need help in selecting a research topic. I have a masters in mechanical engineering specialized in computational fluid dynamics: CFD. I plan for research on CFD application in wind turbine. I have a couple of ideas discussed below:

1. Computational study for the optimum distance between wind turbines in a wind farm (focusing on computationally evaluating the wake generation)

2. CFD applied to vertical axis wind turbine VAWT. 


I am planning to do 2 because an optimized design in yet to be achieved. Also vertical axis wind turbine research field is reviving and there is more margin of research in it. Lastly, aerodynamics of VAWT is more complex and computationally demanding than its counterpart designs. I need help in choosing an exact topic.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you

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This is what you have an advisor for. It's also what *research* is about--coming up with a good research question is a very important component in successful research. No one here will do that work for you. 


Also, please don't cross-post the same question multiple times. Your other post was removed.

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