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Need advice on university lists. What are my chances?


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Happy New Year everyone!


I'm applying to PHD program in management (HRM, OB concentration)


GRE:147V (33%) / 170Q(98%) / AW 3.0(15%)


TOEFL:97 R27,L23,S20,W27


Undergraduate (a 211 university in China) GPA : overall 3.83, major 3.83   major in Appllied psychology


Graduate (a 211& 985 university in China)  GPA overall 3.78, major 3.83   major in I/O psychology



I'm considering the following universities. Which are the most chances?


Rutgers (HRLR School)

U of Houston (bauer bus school)

U of Alberta 

SUNY Binghamton

U of Arizona

U of Alabama

Temple University

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Washington State University 

U of Missouri at Columbia

U of Connecticut

U of Memphis


Thank you for all your help!

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Nobody can give you such specific advice on such a short notice. Your stats are fine, the only problem is the low verbal GRE. You should try to find out whether those universities have a GRE cutoff or not. 

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