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Conclusion of my SOP - Need Advice

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Hi All! HAPPY 2015!! How fun that I spent NYE writing my Statement of Purpose. I am a little over 3 page now and the limit is 2-3. So I am hoping to cut down a bit from the conclusion and brush up the part about research. Please let me know what you think. Thank You!! (I am applying for a MA Speech Language Pathology Program.)


With these ambitions, I am confident that XYZ can train me on the necessary skills for this field and launch me into the profession poised for success. With XYZ's cross-disciplinary focus, I am certain that I can develop finesse to my current skill sets while acquire maturity and dynamics in working with different demographics. I am also interested in Dr. ____'s research on family-centered intervention for children with disabilities. In “Expanding opportunities for social communication into daily routines,” Dr. ______ analyzed the importance of utilizing naturalistic environment and incorporating interventions into daily routines with caregivers to maximize the benefits of early intervention services. I would greatly benefit from Dr. _______'s lectures and guidance in applying these concepts to family-centered speech practices, for this is the practice I aim to pursue upon becoming an SLP.

Additionally, Situated in a diversely populated community, XYZ is uniquely equipped to guide me toward my objective of serving people with communication disorders in a culturally sensitive manner. I also look forward to the Adult Autism Spectrum Disorders Services at the clinic especially to broaden my experiences, as my previous experiences have mainly been limited to children with autism. Empowered with my passion for the field and my unrelenting perseverance to overcome adversity as portrayed by these life experiences, I know that I will succeed in the program and fight alongside other SLP’s for every person’s right to communicate.

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