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Getting trouble with my application and SOP for MS statistics

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Hi all, Happy New Year! I hope that someone can give me some help with my Stats SOP.

I hold BBA in Quantitative Finance and minor in Mathematics. My math or stats courses are not many, just 6, including mathematics I(basic linear algebra and calculus), probability and statistics, mathematical finance, ODE, optimization, applied statistics(ANOVA, linear regression).However, my grades are all A levels except ODE and optimization in my last term, B and C+.... Will it affect my application very much? Do you think these courses make my math preparation enough for graduate studies?

Most of my academic projects are not related to statistics but business and finance. Are they totally irrelevant to my SOP? Or is it better I include them to show my other skills like independent learning, teamwork, creativity?

After graduation, I worked in an analytical role in marketing, using statistics a lot to analyze data and build predictive models. is it just good enough to tell what I can have done, what models I have built in SOP? or how can I better show my experience?

For the research interest, I just wonder how detail this part should be? Should I mention specie questions interested in in addition to just a subfiled such as time-series analysis?

Thank you for answering!

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