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Hello guys!


I'm a prospective LSE applicant (for 16/17 school year). I graduated this past spring but I am working on getting some experience under my belt before I get super set on applying to LSE. Can past/current/future applicants share their concerns (GPA, work experience, LORs etc etc) on here? I think it could be a great resource and more importantly, a media for venting/stress release!!


To start off, I will outline my background and concerns:


Undergraduate institution: Top Public US

Undergraduate GPA: 3.79
Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 3.85+
Undergraduate Major: Economics; Spanish

GRE Quantitative Score: pending
GRE Verbal Score: pending
GRE AW Score: pending

**taking my GRE in Feb*** will only submit to LSE if I score 160+

Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 1.5 (at time of application)
Years of Work Experience: ~3 years volunteer/internships; no "real" experience
Describe Relevant Work Experience: 1 year local NGO internship, 4 month research assistant position, 1 year youth advocacy internship, 3 months working with refugee community, 4+ months working in developing country

Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Nepali

I want to apply to the following programs at LSE:

MSc Political Economy of Late Development

MSc Social Policy and Development


I'm primarily concerned that I won't be a strong applicant for LSE (maybe higher GPA required? stellar work experience?) Anyone else? :)

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