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Interviews for PhD Psychology Programs and Social Work?


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Hi there,


I have applied for a mixture of PhD Social Work Programs (University of Pittsburgh & University of Michigan) and a mixture of PhD Clinical Psychology Programs (University of Boulder Colorado, Stanford, Ohio, York and Queen's) and I have already been contacted from one of my POIs from Boulder about potential interviews.  I understand that it is quite standard for interviews to occur for psychology programs but I was wondering if this is also the case for Social Work programs. Does anyone happen to have any insight?  Thanks!

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I'm also wondering about SW programs. I would imagine they'd hold interviews as well, but honestly don't know for sure.

Are you sure you applied for a clinical psychology program at stanford? As far as I know they don't offer one...

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Yes, you are correct... there is not clinical psychology program at Stanford although there is a PsyD consortium with neighboring Palo Alto University ( http://www.paloaltou.edu/graduate-programs/pgsp-psyd-stanford-consortium ). There are a number of faculty members in the Psychiatry department who have interests in health psychology/behavioral medicine but I am not familiar with any individuals in that program that have a strong pain focus. Students enrolled in this also program participate in practicum rotations.  The research that I am pursuing there is a faculty member at Stanford in the affective science department that has similar interests so I have applied there.


FYI, someone I was speaking to applied to 5 different PhD Social Work Programs and received admission to all five with no interviews... which I thought was interesting. I imagine that every school is different though but at least it is some information to provide some insight.

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