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Help! Recent Applicants/Current DPT Students- Low GPA/How to Stick out?


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Hello Everyone!!


I'm going to apply this upcoming Fall 2015. I know it's a long application process and it's a really competitive program but I'm serious about it and wanted to speak with someone who is familiar with the process.


I am just trying to make my application stand out because my overall gpa was a bit on the lower side initially (3.09 overall GPA) so I'm a little worried, and really trying to pull together as much as I can to make myself stand out.


I didn't realize how much I wanted to be a PT until later on in my last 2 years at college and that's when I managed to do better in all my classes, since then it's been an upward trend.


I have since graduated and I have about 4 pre-req classes to take at a community college to pull together and end my pre-req GPA with a 3.36-3.43, if all goes according to plan.


I have done a number of volunteer hours at rehabilitation centers (cerebral palsy, TBI patients), rehabilitation hospitals, volunteered at an outpatient sports therapy clinic, been a TA for over a year (ongoing even though I don't attend that school), and I currently work in a PT clinic (at the front deskl/have assisted with my boss with his anatomy/biomech lectures in 2014).


TL;DR: If your GPA was on the lower side, what did you do to make yourself stand out among those with higher GPAs?


I want to make sure I'm doing enough to get noticed because I love what I do, I love volunteering and am hungry to learn more.


Thank you!

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