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Very sad today Pls help-urgent for me


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I applied to an University ( middle of the pack).  I was elated that I was admitted. (Nov) Sent a yes I will come statement. \(Nov) Was waiting on funding. The classes  start in 1 week.  No letter as yet saying yes or no to funding.  From prior posts average wait time for  funding letter 6wks


Called the dept. in November after acceptance letter for spring 15  phd  and was informed that all students are considered for funding so I waited for a yeh or neh.  I got nothing. I  emailed  the coordinator and was referred to the dept. chair .  Very nice  man. Was encouraging so  I waited and still no letter.


so I was thinking


Should I email him and ask if my admission could be deferred until September to see if would fare

better in the funding situation?  I do not want to appear desperate but I really wanted to go.  I  was even selected to work with a particular professor.  I feel totally duped.



so I went to reactivate my application that I did not pursue at another school ( more selective) as a result of my other admit.

They lost my transcripts from  one school so I had them resent.  They are now requesting new LOR they were only 5 mos old.  I believe they lost them.


I already told my prof that I was accepted to the first school as they were   writing  letters for an external scholarship I was applying to  for funding.   How should I ask the school to look for my LOR?

I want to find out if the LOR are lost  or maybe  found or outdated.  I asked if  I had to submit new LORs and initially they said no if applying to the same program


don't want to give up but what to do.


Any words will do.









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hi nograd, i understand the feeling when things doesn't go as expected.

Just don't worry and tell the whole story to ur professor, he will understand and will certainly write you another one. It's not ur fault at all for losing the LOR.


Wish you the best of luck tho!

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This university is totally screwing with you. I'd say, write and call the department head and your PoI in parallel, explaining the situation and putting the option of accelerating the funding disbursement process. I am certain they'll have an influence on the funding people if they want you there.

As for the reference letter, just re-ask the prof. No need to go into too much detail: just say that a situation arose that requires his/her/their help again. Profs usually keep copies of the letters they sent.

Best of luck, stay strong!

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