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What are the chances ?


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I know that no one can give me really good statistics and that things depend on how well we do - but here's a dilemma :

My girlfriend is applying for an MFA in Creatve writing and I will be applying for a PhD in Social Psychology / Marketing. What are the chances hat we will both be accepted into the same school ? Any tips on how to push those chances upward ?



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Your chances will increase if you apply to a lot of schools, preferably schools that you are both a good fit for. Also - if you apply to schools in large cities, that way you can live together and both be at a reasonable distance from your school. No one can tell you what your chances really are. Try searching for "the two body problem" - your problem is a known one and has been discussed thoroughly both here and on applyingtograd on LJ (among other places).

Good luck!

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As Fuzzy just said - you don't actually have to be at the same school for this to work, you just need to be in the same city. Look at schools in big cities as well as schools in university towns (for example, I am from a Canadian city of 300k people which has six universities with graduate/post-grad programs).

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