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Graduate programs in art history (Canada) - ranking


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Hello Everyone! 


Is there a ranking for Canadian graduate programs in Art History? I applied to UVic and UBC because I found profs with similar research interests, but I've no idea how hard it's going to be to get into these programs... It looks like the program at UBC is really competitive.


Thank you!

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You might check out the CAA guide or UAC publications for a more qualitative appraisal, but I don't think there's a top 10 sort of list out there. (Well, there's MacLeans, but it doesn't get into the specifics of humanities grad programs). You may get closer to answering your question if you pose it another way: What are the top universities in Canada? and What are the top scholars in the field I'm interested, who currently work in Canada?


UBC would definitely be on the list for the first question (probably also McGill, UofT, Queens). I've also heard that it is competitive, but very enriching if you get in. This may not be the case to the same degree with other 'top' programs. McGill, for example, is experiencing some significant funding difficulties, along with all the other Quebec universities. I loved my time there, but I worry about the ongoing financial pressures.


As for the second (and arguably more important) question, that's up to you!

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