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Any advice on how to get into UPenn Annenberg (PhD)?

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More publications will never hurt you. Unless you have been publishing for ten years and admissions would be confused as to why you're applying to a Ph.D.

I don't know if Annenberg "East" publishes average GRE/GPA, but Annenberg "West" does.

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Naptown, I got in last year for a comm doctoral program at a strong school. I'd suggest getting strong, specific recommendations from professors that the admissions committee members know. Accent your potential for success in their program. Mention a few areas of research that would fit with current professors. Don't raise weak areas in your SOP! I think there's a temptation to "explain" your application in a way that makes sense to you. For instance, say you bombed stats 101 in undergrad. Don't mention it. They might never look through your undergrad transcript to find out. Have a history of completing projects, particularly those that lead to publications.

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