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Where or how can I get Neuroimaging training, experience or exposure?


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I am searching for any possible bootcamp, internship, or coursework that will provide me with the knowledge, skills or experience of working with EEG or fMRI equipment.  The lab I work in currently and the campus I'm at does not have any.  I have found a couple to start but if anyone else knows of something like this, please share!


1. http://erpinfo.org/the-erp-bootcamp/application-information is a great place to learn more about ERP's.  They don't however accept people without having 1 year of "intensive experience with ERP techniques".  I have put nets onto peoples heads and gone through a one week training program with using NETSTATION 3 years ago, but that is all.  I am lacking the one year of experience. 


Also there is the http://www.sleepforscience.org/for more sleep orientated work with EEG equipment. 


Thanks everyone!

Josh Maxwell


Project Manager of Working Memory and Attention Control lab

Arizona State University
lab website email

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