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MS Biostats: SUNY and Colorado?


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I got accepted into UNC MS Biostats yesterday. I didn't expect to hear back from them so soon given that I only submitted my application on December 15. Before I heard back from them, I was thinking about applying to SUNY Buffalo and Colorado U. Now I am unsure whether to still submit my application since these programs seem much weaker compared to UNC. The only reason I would even consider these other programs is if UNC offers me no funding at all, but because they got back to me so quickly I hope to receive some funding from them, I am not sure. I would really appreciate some suggestions. 


I am still applying to Duke, Brown, and JHU and have already applied to UMich, BU, and Emory. 




Liberal arts school (Top 25ish) GPA 3.84

Major: Biology  Minor: Statistics

GRE: 161 Q and 165 V

Ecology research throughout college and clinical research experience since Fall 2013



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Now that you've been admitted, I would contact the Director of Admissions to see what the chances are of getting funding.  You can let them know you are interested but that you need money in order to come, and most places will try to find something.  It can be harder for MS students though.

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