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GWU Graduate School of Political Management vs. Masters Public Affairs


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The other day I stumbled upon the GWU Graduate School of Political Management and noticed the Legislative Affairs, Strategic Public Relations, and Political Management Masters. I had a few questions about the program(s). 


These definitely seem like degrees for students who have already been to graduate school/law school and/or professional work experience. Is that true? The website seems to specifically flag when it's more designed for professionals, but all programs seemed to be more directed that direction. 


Secondly, how many students go straight from undergraduate to this program?


Lastly, is it less/more/or differently advantageous than going to a Public Affairs/Public Administration programs?

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I applied to the Legislative Affairs program. While visiting DC, I met with the director of the program. He said that while it's built for working professionals, some people come straight from undergrad to their program. Typically, they look for people with work experience (~3.5 years, preferably in a supervisory role). I asked if I would have to do master's work en route to a PhD in Political Science/Public Policy later on if I did this program, he said it wouldn't affect it. 


I'm excited about the program, though I may be deferring for a year to do a 1 year MA at another school. Hope that helps.

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