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Top US engineering grad schools


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Hi I'm new to the cafe and this is actually my first post  :D


I'm an Aerospace Engineering junior student from Spain and next semester it will be my time to apply for grad school, I'm a brilliant student but I'm not sure if brilliant enough to apply to the top US schools in this field, so I would like to get advice from you guys, specially from international students already admitted if possible.


I did my conversion trough WES and I have a GPA of slightlly above 3.7 in US grading scale (80% in Spanish scale) and I'm probablly among the top 5% part of my class. Right now I'm on a scholarship I was awarded from my home country to do my Junior year in the U.S., at Michigan Technological University. It is probablly the second best in the state for engineering after University of Michigan. I crushed my first semester here with a 4.0 GPA and I landed a job as a research assistant with a professor from this uni. Appart form this I don't have any work experience but at the end of this year I will have worked for 12 months as a research assistant in one of the biggest labs in this uni, probablly with a great reccomendation letter from the professor I work for. In Spetember I will have to go back to Spain and finish my degree and I would like to apply for Grad School to start in Fall 2016 in the US. My home University is not the best but its not bad either.


So after all this can anyone give me an idea of what my chances are to get into top US grad schools in the US in my filed?. My prefferences would probally be 1. MIT, 2. Caltech, 3. Georgia Tech, 4. University of Washington. Also I'm planning to apply to TU Delft back in Europe if anybody knows anything about it. Also any advices before applying? I'm already preparing my GRE and I know three three professors that are willing to write me reccomendation letters.

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Check out The Menu-->Applied Sciences and Mathematics-->Engineering on the forums for this site. We have a thread for aerospace applicants 2015 and there are probably also previous year threads as well somewhere there to help you gauge your chances. I am not an international candidate and I didn't apply to those schools, but your GPA seems great and you have research experience. Just continue to exceed in your research, get a good GRE score, write a well statement of purpose, and have good letters of recommendations for a strong application.

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