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Letter of Recommendation Advice?

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I'm looking to see if anyone has any advice to my current situation. In 2014, I had planned to go to apply to a MSc program with my school that I graduated from that year there was three professors I spoke with (one was my professor for a research course I enrolled in and did EXTREMELY well in) and the other two were from upper year courses that I did well (mid to high 70s before the exam then low 70s as the final grades; I know you aren't supposed to ask for a letter of recommendation from a prof. if you didn't obtain an 75% or higher in). They all knew I was considering an MSc and knew I would contact them for a letter of recommendation when it was time to apply. Most of these profs knew that I also had struggled during my academic career with mental and personal issues but do have written documentation from two professionals that I had sought help during these times.  Anyways long story short my school was very unhelpful when it came to alternate admissions route for those who were below the admissions average as the general response from program directors was "for me it's too much work and paper work to do, just take some courses to upgrade your marks". I am much more successful in courses that are research and laboratory based, however after 4 years there are only so many left with my program that are upper year courses (as grad programs look at third and fourth year courses). So I gave up tried to work for a year to get some professional experience in my field but every position favours a MSc over a BSc, therefore I am back in the same boat where I am trying to apply but I don't have letters of recommendation since I didn't apply last year.


So the advice I'm looking for is how to contact or what to say to these profs when it's been a year since we've been in contact? Thank you any one for your help it is greatly appreciated! 

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So while I was in school I asked, if the time ever came where I would need a letter, if the professors would be willing to write one for me. 3 years later (for one of the professors, more like 5 for the other. I used a professional reference for my third and fourth letters) I sent emails out to reconnect. I reminded them who I was and when I took courses with them and then asked if they would be willing to discuss writing lors for me. They both remembered me and were happy to (one required some reminding but it all worked out on getting letters in on time).

Anyway, if they remembered me after almost half a decade I'm sure you are still somewhere in their minds after 1 year. Just email (some say call or visit. I like to give people time to make a decision) and ask if they would be willing to discuss writing you some letters. Maybe include a project or paper you did in their class to jog their memories.

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Thank you for letting me know this, it's a little intimidating for me as they were very large classes so they see a lot of students come through. I will most definitely use the example of referring to when I was in their class and spoke to them. Again I appreciate the advice!

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