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Summer / online classes?


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Hi everyone!


I'm French, out of school for 5 years, and considering applying for a PhD at some point in the future (2017?). Right now I'm balancing between psychology and statistics, and I'm wondering how helpful it would be with regard to my application to take some online / summer courses.


I have studied computer science (BSc major) and statistics (MSc), with very little math and psychology. I'm mostly self taught on those aspects because of my previous (actuarial science) and current job (math teacher and "shoulder cry on" for our students). I'm going over courses from the Saylor Foundation to catch up on what I've missed and to prepare for the GRE subject tests.


1. Would the school I apply to even look at those nondegree transcripts?

2. Would the benefits (stronger application) offset the costs: need to work extra hours so less time for studying, reading publications in the field, try to do a little research on my own, involvement at my school that could help for psychology or math contests, conferences... ?


I can only apply for PhD with funding, so if I want to do this, I need to make sure I have the strongest possible application...





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