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What kind of GRE score will I need?


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I'm wondering what kind of GRE score I will need to get into a History Grad school. I would like to go for a PhD, but I will probably look at a few Master's programs as well. I go to Denison University in Ohio (a good though underrated liberal arts college), and I'm a double major in History and French with a minor in cello performance. I specialize in French colonial history of the pre and post revolutionary periods, particularly in regards to the colonization of North America and the Caribbean (consequentially, I know a fair bit about those areas of study as well). I'm also fascinated by new history and issues of collective memory. I'm applying for a Fulbright to study at McGill University in Canada, so we'll see how that goes.

My GPA is 3.87, it's even higher within my history major (not quite sure of exact number), though slightly lower within my French major.

I also have participated in moot court competition, music ensembles, religious life, and some other organizations.

My top choices are:

Yale University

McGill Universtiry

University of Chicago

University of Michigan



Indiana University

OSU (probably a safety?)

Georgetown (MAGIC) - a master's program

SO, what kind of GRE scores will I need to pull off to get into these places? I only got a 1200 when I took the SAT, so I'm a little concerned I might not do much better on the GRE.

Thanks for any advice. I will really appreciate it!

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You need, and I'm absolutely serious about this: not bad scores.

If you have those, those will be what you need. Remember, GRE scores don't get you in, they just keep you from being eliminated.

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