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Hi All,


I am planning to study for a master's degree in USA in the field of Human Computer Interaction (generally taught via Computer Science of Information studies).
I am an international student and I don't have a US citizenship, therefore I am looking for external scholarships/fellowships/grants. The problem is that there are "tons" of sites for scholarships' search out there, and one must focus in order to achieve success. I want to request your advice in finding the best (lets say 10 best) sites for the above purpose. I will be happy to hear about good sites from your own experience and not just about the results received after typing "10 best scholarship sites" in Google.


Many thanks in advance  :).

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Read  If you look within The Bank thread, this question has been answered many times. 

Your question sounds condescending but ironically you are too lazy to do the search yourself.

Ironically your answer was the condescension the OP didn't want, if you read his/her request. 

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