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air-travel for students going abroad.

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Hey guys,

A small note to students travelling from India, there is a fabulous deal on Jet Airways for you - excess baggage allowance between 40 to 69 kilos plus gift vouchers on HP Pavilion notebooks and Provogue, etc.

Do check it out at http://bit.ly/ZdLr5

I just thought you guys would be interested in this offer. Thanks for your time. This is Neha Thomas helping Jet Airways with their Student Plan.


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I booked with Jet Airways and tried to avail of these offers. Most of these are just business tactics and you can only shop at some particular outlets in India. For example, the provogue voucher gives you Rs 1000 off only on purchases above Rs 3000. The Fed Ex 40% off coupon and the samsonite 20% off coupons are the ones that I found to be useful as their validity runs till mid 2010. Jet Airways however has good in flight service, much better than the Air-India flight that I had blocked. So no regrets. The price was competitive as well. The excess baggage might come in handy, we'll know when we pack.

Edit: Also note that you get the free baggage allowance on the domestic leg flight in the US only on American Airlines. So if the airport where you land (your port of entry) does not have AA operating from there, you'll have to change airports. Eg: JFK doesn't have AA. You'll have to transfer to Laguardia which is about 20 miles from JFK.

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