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what is my chances to get in nyu


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i am a female 22 year old,and i am applying math master in nyu.

gpa: 3.77

major: math in ucsd

gre: 144 in reasoning 164 in math

since i still did not get the offer, i am so nervous about it. can someone please tell me what is my chance to get in?

i also applied, uc berkley, stanford, ucsd and ucla.

what is the chance of getting in these schools?

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those are all top-tier schools. all of the applicants will be stellar. 


did you have good letters of recommendation? research experience?


and most important of all, did you demonstrate a good fit with the programs to which you applied?

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i have three recommendation letter from my math professors, and two of them are from linear algebra field,and one of them are from stochastic field. they are pretty hard classes.

plus, my personal statement is about how i love math since childhood, and how i find math is interesting in the upper level math studying.

however, i dont have any research experience.

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