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USF or UT McCombs better for analytics?

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So I know this forum is for statistics, but it's the closest thing to analytics, so I'm posting here. I recently got accepted by U of San Francisco and UT McCombs, for Analytics and Business Analytics respectively. U of San Francisco is in the city that I want to live eventually, and the courses seem a little more technical (including noSQL, machine learning etc). For someone like me who's trying to switch field from business to data analysis, I thought more technical classes may be good (curriculum here: http://www.usfca.edu/artsci/msan/courses/). The program at UT Mccombs has slightly more business classes, but the school is more reputable (here's the curriculum http://www.mccombs.utexas.edu/Business-Analytics/Curriculum). How important is the grad school name? Could people shed some light on which you'd prefer?

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I can't speak specifically to analytics programs, but I do work in data science in the Bay Area, so maybe I can contribute some information that will clear things up a bit for you.


I would probably start by considering something you haven't yet mentioned: program cost. Is cost important to you? How much is tuition for the duration of each program? Consider also that San Francisco is *wicked* expensive if you want to live close to USF. (Although I suspect Austin probably isn't super cheap either.)


I would next consider what you really intend to do once the program's over. It sounds like USF's program is more technical, so in my mind, that's a significant advantage if you want to work in analytics. Given you're changing careers, stronger familiarity with statistical/ML techniques and data manipulation software and technologies will be a more visible feather in your cap than program prestige (at least in this case).


The final consideration is where you'd like to live. USF grads seem to have no problem finding employment in the Bay Area, with a locally strong alumni network and the ability to interview for and obtain career-relevant employment right in their backyard. Not that I think a UT degree would hinder you in the Bay Area -- I just think you might be at an advantage from a career-building perspective if you were a student at USF.


Just some things to think about -- the decision definitely isn't obvious. I would search for (or ask each program to provide) alumni outcomes to see if they line up with your expectations, since analytics programs are still fairly fresh. Good luck!

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