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Possibility of being rejected after an interview?


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Hey guys, this is my first post after months of lurking!


So I wanted to know if any of you guys know what the possibility of getting rejected would be after an interview.


I had a Skype interview yesterday with two of my POIs, and I honestly don't know how I did. I don't think I completely screwed up, but then again, I also know that I didn't impress them. When they asked me why I picked that school, what I wanna do with a Ph.D, and what my research interests are, I was able to give them some good answers for the first two questions. But when they asked me how I would like to take their research further, I could only tell them that my research interests are in line with theirs. I think they were expecting a more specific answer from me.


Right before the interview ended, they told me that they wanted to talk to me because I'm one of their top candidates (but they also told me this in the beginning so I'm not sure if they told me this just to be courteous) and I'll be hearing from them in a week or two. I've been thinking about the interview over and over again, and I feel like my answers sounded too stupid and too desperate to get in...


I did send them a thank you email a couple hours after the interview but didn't get any replies. Can this be seen as a sign of rejection?

Or am I thinking too much? 


I'm just going crazy. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

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