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application deadlines?


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a lot of the schools i look at list their application deadline as Dec 15th. it doesn't say whether this is for fall or spring semester. will most schools accept me for spring 2016 if i apply in the next couple months? sorry, i do not have a specific school or program decided yet, or it would be a lot easier.

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Without a specific school or program it is hard to say, but many graduate programs do not admit students in the spring, only in the fall.  When you are looking at programs' websites, usually in the FAQ section or the page explaining the application procedures, it will detail that.


My guess, if you are seeing December deadlines and nothing else, is that they do not admit for spring term.

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darn. i was so focused on my senior year undergraduate exams that i decided to hold off on any planning for grad school, and now i have to wait until fall 2016 because of it :( i suppose it gives me time to gain research experience, since that was something i was lacking. thank you for the reply.

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