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What are my chances? 800Q/560V/6.0AW


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I'm applying for a Ph.D in Econ from Claremont McKenna this fall (Top 15 in Liberal Arts, Number 1 or 2 in Liberal Arts Econ) with a 3.6 overall. (3.6 in Mathematics and 3.9 in Economics). Double major with more math than econ. My top 3 choices are Harvard, Yale and Stanford. I am the top student (and one of the only) applying for a Ph.D in the fall from my school and have 3 very good letters from nationally reputed (although not necessarily internationally reputed) professors.

I have worked with one of these professors on his research projects. Once as an RA and once as a Co-Author. Both will likely be published.

I know it's a crap shoot and that even an applicant with a 4.0 with perfect GRE's gets turned down easily by these schools. But do I have a legitimate chance?

Also, I don't NEED funding but would obviously prefer it.

Percentile rankings on GRE:

800Q: 94th

560V: 77th

6.0AW: 98th


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I don't think anyone can tell you for sure what your chances are. There are way too many unknown factors at work. But based on what you said, I think with a strong personal statement and good networking you'll be a strong candidate. Do you have contacts at the schools you want to attend? Do what you can to build relationships before/while you're applying.

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I agree... I think all you really need is a strong SOP. You pretty much have everything else checked off the list. Now its just really a matter of fit with the programs you're applying to, and that you know better than any of us.

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