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MS in Computational sciences Harvard vs Stanford


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I am an undergrad from India with a GPA of 3.85 and GRE Scores 170/157/4.0. I have got admission to the SM program in Harvard in Computational sciences and Engineering and a similar program in Stanford. Both the courses are one year. I want to make my career in modelling and designing intelligent data systems. Hence  boston vs California is an important question.


The fees for Harvard is 44k whereas the Stanford fees in around 55k. Kindly help me out with this.



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Stanford gives you much better opportunities being in Silicon Valley. Also, Stanford is in general better than Harvard for grad level computer sciences (primarily because of the size of the program and location, than quality of faculty.)

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But I have heard that boston is quite a data science hub. I really want to focus more on the methodology behind analysis than focus towards a very coding intensive job which will be basically backend systems. So you are basically saying that computer science courses wise Stanford will be better? But how about looking at this from a computational sciences perspective?

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Going to Stanford does not prevent you from moving to Boston after graduating. Same as going to Harvard does not prevent you from moving to California after graduating.


Do more research on individual labs/groups/professors there to see which ones would give you better opportunities to study and research what you want in computational.


Not sure what is up with all the recent "Is a #20 ranked school better than a #1 ranked school" threads lately though.

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