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What to Wear to a Campus Visit

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I'd echo what's already been said, but as a Californian (from the hottest part of the state) who moved to Chicago last year, I'd also add in this. Should you be getting the icy weather we're having now (as I type, it's 0 outside with a windchill of -24), get a face mask or balaclava. In the past I've taken the line of, "Well, as long as I'm really, really layered, it's okay if my face is uncovered." It is not. I take to cold quite well -- I've really had no complaints about Chicago's weather, other than that people should be more diligent about shoveling/salting sidewalks -- and I made the mistake of not wearing face covering one icy evening. I learned my lesson the hard way. It gets to the point where you stop feeling cold and just start feeling pain. 


Given that you said that you have no idea what to do with yourself below 55, I'd bring a face covering anyways, given that it likely won't be 55 on average, especially given this year's weather trends. I was hesitant to get face coverings 'cause I was worried I'd look like an ersatz jewel thief (or Bane, depending on the face mask you buy), but it's worth it. 


Beyond that: two good jackets (I do a very warm waterproof hooded jacket underneath a peacoat), a beanie, and Under Armor. The latter is especially helpful; you'll want to wear a pair of Under Armor long johns underneath your jeans. They trap heat brilliantly.


Thanks for the advice. I admit, I am afraid now. -24 windchill. woah. 

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Sometimes people dress a bit up for the reception, but other than that you want to dress for pure comfort.  UCLA is a bit hilly and rather big depending on where you are going.   Ackerman Student union to Young Research Library, for instance, is a pretty good little walk.  


As a male, I normally dress to department functions in a navy sport coat with no tie and people act like I should be at the Opera or something.  It's a pretty casual department.  

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I'm from LA, and I'd say dark jeans count for a happy medium between dressy and casual. Dark jeans, a blouse, flats (zomg do not wear heels - UCLA is on a hill). Bring a sweater in case it's cool and for air-conditioned buildings. 


Now being from LA, please advise as to how to dress in Chicago in March. Will a parka/boots still be necessary? I've no idea what to do with myself once the temperature goes below 55.

Hahaha~*^^* I recently attended my alma mater, in Chicagoland, and I almost didn't bring a jacket. In November. (I've been overseas for a long time.) Just remember: they don't call it the Windy City for nothing. Parka and boots?? Unless you get cold, probably not. But pay attention to the weather, because it COULD still be snowing. You should be okay with just tennis shoes/running shkes, for casual, and a coat(I don't know how cold you get as to suggest a parka). But definitely bring warmer clothing, you'll have the lake effect, remember.

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