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anyone still waiting to hear from UT southwestern or UT houston?


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I got an email from Baylor like second week of January, went for an interview and already heard back that I'm on the waiting list. I haven't heard ANYTHING from ut southwestern or ut Houston. Anyone else having similar issues? Advice? Maybe still some hope?


Does anyone know the dates of ut southwestern's interview weekends?

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I am waiting on UT Houston. The second interview weekend is now. And I heard they have one more in March. If you do a results search here on gradcafe, 2014 people didn't get acceptances until March. My other school I'm waiting to hear from said we'd here the first week of march at the earliest and I still keep compulsively checking my email anyway.

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Good to know! UT Houston has one more interview weekend march 5-7. They have them all listed under "important dates". In the results search, I have seen some people who like last week have gotten an offer to interview for that weekend. I'm guessing next week is really the last week that they could offer an interview for us for that date, assuming there are any spots left. I'm also compulsively checking my email ha!

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