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Acceptance into several schools; would like opinions


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I have a difficult decision to make about my future and would be very grateful for any and all honest opinions about six universities, even if it meant a private PM.


I'm curious about the balance between creative/critical work, what "styles" universities are known for (example: South Dakota, hybrid), the general reputation/prestige of the program, which is more likely to land me a job in academia after graduation, as well as the social atmosphere, the city lifestyle, and anything else. These are things that aren't immediately apparent on their websites, and I can't visit six+ universities. 


Currently, I am considering the following programs for fiction: University of Missouri (full funding), Georgia State (full funding, but with $4,000 fees/semester), University of South Dakota (full funding), University of North Texas (full funding), Oklahoma State (stipend, 2/3 tuition), and Tennessee (unknown as of yet.) I still have yet to hear back from several schools. 

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I can talk a bit about the social/lifestyle aspects of the University of North Texas. I graduated from there with a BA in English in 2012 and had friends in the Creative Writing grad programs. Denton, TX is a wonderful town. People characterize it as a "little Austin" since it's got an amazing music history/scene and is known for being kind of quirky/artsy/hipster.


social: at UNT there's pretty much a scene for everybody. punks, activists, republicans, coffee shop lit nerds, fratbros, etc. lots of bars and music venues. local coffee shops and non-chain restaurants are right next to campus so you don't feel like you're just going to any other college. campus is lively even though most live off campus. it's not a "commuter school" where the campus is dead after 5 PM. professors grab lunch with students often.

to escape the UNT bubble, you can walk downtown to the Square in fifteen minutes where you'll see really cute vintage-looking shops (ice cream store, record/book store, antique mall).

transportation: most people have cars, but you can bike pretty much everywhere. the UNT shuttle is pretty reliable. you can get to Dallas in about 30-40 minutes, Austin in about 4 hours.

food: huge variety of quality restaurants. lots of grocery stores. more authentic Asian places can be found closer to Dallas in suburbs like Carrollton or Arlington.

my favorites: Taco Lady (CHEEEAP, authentic as hell), Rooster's Roadhouse (bbq, get the pulled pork nachos and truffle burger even if you're over truffle anything), TJ's Pizza and Wings (gives you a stomachache if you're lactose intolerant because they actually use real cheese. wings are smoked and TDF), Oak St. Drafthouse (craft beers on tap, huge outdoor patio area-the best thing that happened to Denton when I was there), Paschall's (fancier bar with craft cocktails that looks like a grandparent's library), Mr. Frosty Drive In (amazing floats/milkshakes), Yummy's (Greek, great takeout)

rent: really cheap. like, I paid $675 for a two bedroom a ten minute walk from campus in 2010-2012. people often rent houses with roommates, but there are plenty of apartments near by.


Sometimes I wonder why I even left. Sigh...

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