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Top choice school won't notify til July (MS CS - Saarland U)


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I could use some advice. I'm an American and I want to go to Europe for an MS in Computer Science (specifically security). Most of the schools I'm applying to are on the same schedule as the US - i.e. I've already heard or will hear back in a few weeks. My top choice school is Saarland University, but they won't notify until July. This is really late - most places need a decision before then, and I have a fully funded offer at a US school that needs to know what I'm doing by April.


Is there anything I can do? Like can someone in admissions give me a hint to see of I'm likely to be admitted? I really want to go to Saarland...and while I might be able to delay responding to some of the schools where I don't have funding, I'll most likely have to decide on the US school way before then. I  didn't do enough research on the schools before applying to them, so so far the European schools I've been admitted to have serious problems that makes the US school a better option than all of them.


If no one at the school can help me, can anyone give me chances on admission to Saarland? My GPA is 3.9/4.0, I go to a top-5 liberal arts college in the US, have done 3 summers of security research and have 1 published first author paper and a separate first author poster/extended abstract. I think my recs and statement are good. The only weak point is curriculum - my liberal arts college doesn't offer some courses that are standard at bigger schools (operating systems, advanced architecture, numerics) and I substituted a data privacy course for a traditional stats course. I also speak no German, but the program is 100% English.



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