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Tough Choices

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Hi folks – I'm a rare poster here, but I would like to start a thread to talk about some of the things we're weighing when choosing a program to attend in our particular discipline (hence by posting this specifically in this forum). I feel incredibly fortunate to have the choice between three amazing programs so far and have yet to hear from a couple more, but already feel like I'm agonizing between the decision.

One is at an Ivy with an incredibly generous funding package that seems impossible for anyone to beet (it's been almost week since I heard but I'm still in shock about it). The other two are amazing, very reputable state schools: one where I'm finishing up my MA and which totally adore (and where I could transfer a huge number of credits if I wanted, and would gain great teaching experience), the other with particularly stellar faculty in my subfields of interest – probably the best fit of all – which happens to have an exchange program with the aforementioned Ivy. On paper, I feel like placement records are comparable at each.

I'm weighing them all equally with each other and am processing the pros/cons of each – they all feel like very different options from each other. Campus visits/conversations with DGS/faculty/students will certainly help, as those happen over the next few weeks. In the meantime: how are you feeling about the decision-making process so far? What are you agonizing over? I'm especially wondering as to whether anyone else is weighing the funding vs. fit question (though to be clear, I wouldn't have applied to any of these if I didn't feel like they weren't good possible "fits," it just feels like the latter of the three feels the best)....

Anyway, OK, enough agonizing. Curious to hear what's on other people's minds, and what you find helpful in the process!

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