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waitlisted. What are my chances?


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After attending an interview weekend at Baylor college of medicine human and molecular genetics PhD program, I was notified that I'm waitlisted. A far as stats, I know there were approx. 50 people interviewing, they offered 25 spots in hopes that 15-25 people will accept. Anyone made it off of a wait list yet? Or know someone who was/is in similar situation? Trying to decide if I have any realistic chance of getting an offer, or if I should abandon all hope ha

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I think that's hard to tell since it's all dependent on how many people decide to accept their offer and how big the school wants the incoming class to be. I got waitlisted at Pittsburgh for a Spanish PhD and I'm unsure about my own chances as well. I think you should hold out as long as you can if you really want this spot. If you don't really want to go there and are just staying on the list for the sake of it, just ask to be removed now since you'll probably just be taking a spot from someone else. Most people know by March where they got accepted, I think, so they probably will start replying to their offers by the end of March and the school will start sending out invites to the people on the waitlist.

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Hi !! I am in the exact same position, just that I applied to Rutgers University for a PhD. I emailed the program director and asked whether applicants can find out their position on the waiting list. Luckily I am number 1, but they sent out invitations to 13 applicants but only have a place for 8 or 9 students. So far I saw in another forum that one person has already declined. Meaning, 5 more people have to decline so that I get a spot. If I was you, I would politely ask whether you can know your position on the list, so you can decide whether it is worth waiting. I would advise to keep hanging in there but wouldn't expect an answer that soon. I heard that a lot of people wait until last minute to make a decision. If you haven't heard anything on the 15th/16th of April, I would contact the department again. 

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