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Next IO Psychology Application Cycle


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I am a non-traditional future IO psychology applicant.  I plan on starting applications to IO programs in the fall.  After browsing some of the other IO students who are applying now I am less confident than I have ever been.  I'll give you some background on myself....


I have a B.S. degree in Bio-behavioral Health from Penn State.  I worked for a year as a Psychiatric Technician doing various jobs such as assisting psychiatrists in counseling sessions, updating patient charts, and offering any assistance to patients.  I did this job at a Psychiatric Hospital in Virginia.  I also worked as an EKG technician for a year.  I am currently working on my M.S. degree in Human Development and will graduate with this degree in May 2016.  


I am a volunteer research assistant in two labs.  One lab is under a business professor who is studying workplace diversity and the other lab is under a psychology professor who is studying cooperation and competition and how this influences inter-group biases.  I collect and input data but I don't have any projects of my own.  I more or less just offer my assistance wherever I can.  


My GRE scores are 162V 157Q 4.5W.  As an undergraduate student I took several psychology courses and earned an A in all of them. My total undergraduate GPA was a 3.02 and my current graduate GPA is a 4.0.  I have taken several graduate-level psychology courses and I have earned an A in all of those as well.  


My LOR's will be from the professors who's labs I work in as well as the HUD department chair from my current University so I am thinking these will be rather strong LORs hopefully.


My question is between now and the fall when I start applying to the IO psychology programs is there anything else I should do to further strengthen my application? 



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