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Hello  everyone!


I would like to know what Psychology and Psychology of Education Masters programs you have applied to, and if you have any answers yet. So far I applied to:


Columbia Teachers College Psychology in Education, Clinical Psychology MA:  No ANSWER


Florida State University: Psychology in Education,Combined MS/Ed.S in Mental Health Counseling: WAIT-LISTED


University of Pennsylvania: MS/Ed.S in School and Mental Health Counseling: NO ANSWER 

(*they have rolling admissions so I'm not sure how that works in terms of accepting applicants who are constantly applying....*)  Any ideas?


CSU LA: Psychology MA: NO ANSWER 


I have 3 years of experience (internships and worked during undergrad), great recommendation letters but average GRE and GPA.


I'm going nuts checking my application status for each school every day. What are my chances? Any other schools I should consider? What is your experience?


I want to apply to more programs, I know four is not enough. 





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