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Decision: accept low PhD offer or reject and wait?


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I have a PhD offer from a low university. The Professor has good publications, but his doctoral students and the university students are really low qualified. For example, the students have no IT nor Math skills and I couldn't find anyone working at a notable company. I really fear that going there would actually lower my education.

However, I have no better alternative so far. I have some other applications I would possibly prefer, but they will not be decided in the next weeks and I dont even know for sure whether these would fit better. It may be that I end up with nothing after all.


My father says I should wait for a better offer and take the risk to reject. My mother says I should be happy for some easy time there and no need to go for top education, rather just get the PhD and chill out.


Now I think they both right and can't decide. Maybe someone had a similar problem or experience, for advice?


E.g. I found a situation here.

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When does the university expect you to respond?

I said to take it and need to sign the contract in around 2 weeks. However I am reluctant to do so.

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