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MPA / Master in International Relations


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Hello everyone,

Currently a 23-year old student in a joint program Msc in Management/MBA at Reims Management School (France) / University of Ottawa (Canada), I'm thinking about doing either an MPA or a Master in International Relations in a few years. In short, I decided to pursue my studies in the field of business after my graduation (Bachelor in Economics) in France (with honours, mention bien for those who are familiar with the french system), without really knowing what to do, and I took the opportunity to apply for a joint program allowing me to get an MBA at UOttawa. However, I'm not very interested in working for the private sector, and have discovered myself an interest for working in International Organizations, either INGOs or Inter-governmental organizations. Therefore my questions are:

-Do you think an MPA or a Master in International Relations (I'm pretty interested in diplomacy) would add a value to my profile in order to work for International Organizations ?

-Do you think that I have my chance to apply to these type of programs in Universities such as Columbia (SIPA) ? (Bachelor degree in Economics with an average slightly superior to 14/20, Msc in Managment, MBA with an average around B+/A-)

Any advice is more than welcome.


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Work experience will help you get jobs. At this point you should focus on getting an entry level job or internship your intended field after you graduate, any more schooling before work experience just makes you seem like you don't want to face the real world.

Agree with HRH on Columbia admissions.

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