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I was recently offered admission to The University of Arizona for a Master's in Anthropology. I got a letter outlining the details and conditions of the offer, but they didn't mention anything about a campus visit. Visiting the university and getting to know the professors as well as other grad students it's a huge factor in making a decision. Is it ok to ask for a campus visit? I just don't know if that is acceptable or if they didn't offer it I should be assuming that there are no campus visits in their program.

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Two of my acceptances have some sort of planned admitted students event.  The third doesn't, but when I asked they encouraged me to set up a time to visit and would help me arrange things so I could talk to everyone I wanted to talk to.  Just email them and ask about setting something up.  It's not uncommon in the slightest for someone to visit.  

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I got my undergrad in Anthropology at UA - I absolutely loved the school - Tucson is a great community. When I was there, the department would occasionally send out emails about perspective students coming to visit and seek hosts for them - I had a couple potential PhD's stay in my spare room while I was at school there, so I am assuming they will be amenable to you visiting, but they may not fund it. However, like I said, the department did reach out to everyone looking for hosts and such.


What sub-field are you in?

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