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Question on Waitlist at Wisconsin-Madison


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Hello everyone in the cafe, I am on the wait list (for admission and financial support) of the PhD program at Wisconsin, and I was informed that they have sent out more than 100 offers this year while there are 25 on the wait list. Does anyone get admitted to Wisconsin from the wait list in the past years? What is the probability of finally getting admitted from their wait list? Do you know how to increase the chance of getting admitted? This is the first notification I've got this year...Thank you for your attention and response!

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Hey, I got wait listed as well. With a high probability they'll send out admissions to few people on the waiting list. That's why they have it.  However, as they told me, there's no ordering for the waiting list, and it depends on who rejects the offer. My guess is that they'll try to have a balance between the general fields of interest among the newcomers. Anyways, we'll have to wait until the very last days. Best of luck. 

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