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Fellowship essay, how personal


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I am a noob for fellowship essays and was planning to submit for HKS fellowships. HKS fellowships besides noting the the general area of the fellowship (e.g. public service) do not give much insruction for a fellowship essay.


This is the instruction for one of them from HKS finaid page.


The fellowship essay should explain why you believe you are a good candidate for the fellowship.Essays should be single spaced and no longer than one page. Make reference to the professional and/or personal experience, training, interests and future plans germane to this fellowship.



Is a fellowship essay like a personal essay in its tone, or more like a proposal? ok to reuse personal essay?


The instruction makes it sound like a general personal essay. Also, a proposal has to be about a specific research activity whereas these fellowships don't make it clear whether one is expected to research under their terms or do some other activity. Thanks

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Yeah, sounds like a PS except it's not a PS. There is really not anything specific other than broad categories for different fellowships such as "public service," "state or local policy issues"


They ask for 1-page essay and the resume.


Never applied to fellowships before so this is all very confusing to me.


I eneded up reusing content from my PS.


This forum seems to be dead for a while for HKS... Looks like the rest of 2000 applicants who don't post here probably know their shit in doing these essays, which worries me that i'd be auto-ding

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