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Hi everyone, 

I noticed that there were a few rejections for Dartmouth PBS (or just psychology and neuroscience in general) for yesterday, Feb. 24th.  

I went to the interview weekend, but haven't heard anything since. If you were one of those rejections, did you interview (sorry to be so rude/blunt)? Has anyone else heard anything? I figured I would hear back sooner if I had gotten in, but maybe they're just taking a long time? (I know, I can't help but overthink everything about grad school).

They are my top choice and the silence is driving me absolutely crazy  :unsure:


EDIT: Apology added because I am thoughtless sometimes. 

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I cross-posted this to the Psychology forum (I hope that's ok, I'm new to GradCafe, )and someone there said they got rejected yesterday and did not interview.

So I'm not sure if all of the rejections were for those who did not interview or if they were a mixed bag or what. 

Has anyone else heard anything? 

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PS to anyone reading / wondering, I emailed a professor in PBS and they let me know that if you interviewed and have not received a rejection at this point, you are probably on the waitlist. They have sent out the first round of acceptances and a bunch of rejections. 

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