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John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought


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Anyone ever received a PhD from there, gone there, or heard about it? I like the idea they are going for:




The John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought is an interdisciplinary, Ph.D. granting graduate program. Its guiding principle is that the serious study of many academic topics, and of many philosophical, historical, theological and literary works, is best prepared for by a wide and deep acquaintance with the fundamental issues presupposed in all such studies, that students should learn about these issues by acquainting themselves with a select number of major ancient and modern texts in an inter- disciplinary atmosphere, and should only then begin intense work on a specific dissertation topic. In their first few years of study, students select twelve to fifteen foundational or fundamental books that best inform the context and background of the issues they want to write about, and they read and study these books in discussion groups, tutorials, seminars and independently, and then sit a week long qualifying exam on some selection of their books.



But I'm wondering what their program is actually like from people who have knowledge of it, whether it's reputable, or how it looks to have a PhD from there. Here is their website: https://socialthought.uchicago.edu













I am having trouble finding opinions of the program anywhere. 

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I actually seriously considered applying to that program, but settled on another Chicago committee instead, since I couldn't spend $100 on two different Chicago applications. It's a long program (longer than your average PhD), but I've heard good things from advisors about it.

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Advisors from undergrad, and they said that Chicago was a place that really nurtured students, and their committees allowed for collaboration and really specialized study. Hope that helps!

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