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Provide updated copy of CV?


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I have a campus visit/interview coming up and my CV has improved since I applied in December. Should I bring a physical copy of my updated CV and hand it to the DGS during our interview, or should I just work in the improvements into my verbal answers? I'm not sure if bringing an updated version would be awkward...but the improvements are significant.

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I went to 2 campus visits and interviewed with several professors at each visit. At one, no one asked to see my CV and there wasn't really a reason or opportunity to share it (and also the interviewers gave me lots of space to talk about my past work/publications/conferences, etc). At the other, most interviewers asked for a hard copy.


I think you have 2 good options: one is that your interviewers will probably say "tell me about yourself and why you want to come here" and that will give you an opportunity to speak specifically about what you've done and major updates. The other (which I did) is to bring a nice-looking padfolio with a page of questions you want to ask/a legal pad to take notes and tuck several copies of your CV in there. You can decide in the interview if you want to take it out, but it doesn't hurt to have it there. 


Good luck!

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