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Urgent: Visa advice for visiting day

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Hi everyone,


So I have been accepted into a PhD program at UC Davis and am planning to visit the campus on the visiting day. I just wanted to know which visa category should I apply for as a visitor: Business or Tourist. I am not sure which one of these would apply to my case. The university is ready to send me any documentation I might require but is reluctant to advise me for the visa category since I am not a student yet. Even the embassy helpline has refused to entertain my queries regarding visa category. Any idea which category should I apply for? Surely, international students must have visited campuses before?


Also, when it comes to documentation for the embassy visit: Would printouts of emails (and official decision letter) do, or would I have to procure the same from the university through snail mail?




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I don't think there are any differences though~ you can get combined B-1/B-2 visa (usually is the case), which is both for leisure and business purpose if you're not quite sure.


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