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Which Would YOU Rather ?!


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In your undergraduate years,

  • You started a music company (record label / artist management) at 19. It was successful, but your main client works full time now, and the pay isn't enough to be self-sufficient. You were the only employee, but made a lot of connections.
  • You started an online retail company which was very successful, but outsourcing production to meet the demand was impossible due to lack of cash, and in-house production was too time-consuming while finishing undergraduate coursework, so you shut it down.
  • You have held 3 internships with small entertainment companies.
  • You have been the assistant manager of a large beach club. 
  • You started and now run a much more automated online retail company, acquired a start-up loan, and based on first 3 months, you're on course to grow as anticipated in business plan. Not paying yourself yet.
  • You have experience leading a group of 100 people, and have traveled to speak on their behalf.
  • You are graduating college with a 2.7 GPA at age 22 and your major is Entertainment Business, but don't care about focusing on that.
  • You visited a few graduation fairs and were told your resume counteracts your GPA by respectable enough schools.
  • You are currently studying for GMAT

So, you have "full-time work experience," have set up legal entities, negotiated contracts, acquired various licenses, created business plans and acquired funding; but it is mostly with yourself, or one other person. 



A) Go straight to MBA full-time for entrepreneurship?

B) Go straight to work for someone else?

C) Focus efforts building your company while still able to live at home?

D) A combination: explain. 


PS Yes, I am the hypothetical person.


  • My thinking for MBA full-time right away is that I could skip over a few echelons.
  • My thinking for working for someone else is that I am very personable and experienced in my own business setting
  • My thinking for focusing in building my own company is contingent on being able to pay myself
  • I've thought of various combinations as well, but would like to hear yours.


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