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writing & publishing articles while looking for a job!


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Hello Grad Students,


I know many of you are about to receive your degrees (congratulations!), and are currently looking for jobs. Perhaps you should consider writing and publishing small articles, in order to continue building your academic name, as well as a way to keep busy, and avoid have long gaps of unemployment on your resume!


PVNN, or Political Vendetta News Network, Inc., is an all-inclusive News Network that educates the public on various policy issues at hand, and inspires them to act one way or another for the betterment of society.


We are looking for Policy Corner Writers - an internship position, will research and write weekly articles on currently debated political issues. The Intern must track and follow current political trends in the news media, and stay up-to-date on related legislation entering & leaving Capitol Hill. Moreover, in hopes of encouraging the audience to play a role in policymaking, the Intern must also research and include a minimum of one social action group’s name, link, or specific directions at the end of the article. After completing the writing, the Intern will then collaborate with the Policy Corner Officer(s) to ensure the article meets all criteria (see Policy Corner rubric) before publication.
If you would like more information, or are interested in applying, please email info@pvnn.org.
The best of luck to all you!!!
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