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MPA/MPP programs in intl dev (not quant heavy)


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I'm interested in MPP/MPA programs in international development that are not overly focused on quant. [Also planning to apply for joint law programs.] My background is in human rights and I'm hoping to work for international orgs/UN more than ministry of finance or the like.

I know that HKS and WWS are among the top programs but they seem very top heavy with econ classes. Is the MPP at Harvard a good alternative even though it is not focused on development per se? SIPA is also well known internationally but I have not always heard positive comments about the program from graduates. I'm also considering GPPI but what other programs should I be considering that would be well known and have good connections outside of the US and have a focus on international development?


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Consider the MALD program at The Fletcher School, Tufts University. Lots of fantastic professors and students working round the clock on development and humanitarian rights efforts (I met Prof Marc Sommers last week, who is taking a semester off to work on Rwandan peace efforts with the US Institute of Peace). Quant of course is a part of the curriculum, but comprises only 1/8 of the courses one needs to graduate, and you can pick which two courses would fulfill that requirement. Flexible, yet rigorous!

Shameless plug, I know. But I wouldn't recommend it without any substance.

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