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How long to hear back from MA program after weird experience?


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Hi everyone, 


So long story short -- This week I went to meet with the director of admissions for an MA program in my field of interest just to learn about the program. Even though it is way past the deadline, at the end of our meeting after learning about me he randomly offered to consider my application materials for Fall 2015 if I got them to him within 2 days. I somehow got everything together super fast and my app is complete as of this morning.


Now, I'm stuck wondering how long it will be before I hear back from the program. The website says to expect to get a decision 6-8 weeks past the deadline, but that deadline was Feb 1st. There is the possibility that this degree could be funded, which I am very anxious to hear about. Has anyone been in this situation before? If so how long did it take the program to get back to you? Do you think it would it be safe to assume I have a good shot at getting in and getting funding? Would it rude of me to ask the program how long it will be before I should expect an answer?


I am just still kind of in shock that he even offered to review my materials so I don't really know how to react or what to think. More importantly -- I am also wondering what to do/think because prior to this experience I had started applying for jobs for the coming year and interviewing. Aaaand of course I just got offered a job for the coming year this week as well. The employer wants a final decision by the second week of March so I have no idea what to do if I haven't heard back from the program by then. If I don't get in, I really would need to take this job.


Any feedback is helpful! Thanks for reading. :-)

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