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Hey guys,


Anybody here applied to SDSU-UCSD JDP? It is my top priority school and I will be applying here next fall. I would appreciate any information any of you can give me about this school (about interview/acceptance v rejection).


Thank you!

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It is one of the most competitive programs out there, so be very sure that all your ducks are in a row, are all wearing their finest little ducky clothes, and are showing all their little ducky manners.


Also, don't have tunnel vision or put all your eggs in the SDSU basket. There is a literal 96.5% chance you won't get in (check their 2014 stats on offers made). You've given very limited info, so my inference here is slightly biased (and I can't provide more advice without more specifics about your qualifications), but it's a good rule of thumb.

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Two years ago, half-way through my BA, the UCSD/SDSU program was my top priority. I didn't even end up applying there (or any clinical programs). Keep working hard incase you do apply, keep an open mind incase it isn't a realistic option for whatever reason (interests, money, admittance stats, etc.), and don't let the fact you've determined this is the Mecca keep you from exploring other opportunities!

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